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Instructions for pet owners

Ukrainian pet owners are allowed to bring their pet to Finland. From July 1, 2023, dogs, cats and ferrets arriving in Finland from Ukraine must meet the normal entry conditions. If your pet does not meet the requirements for entry into the country, the authorities may order the animal to be kept in isolation, return the animal to its country of origin or, as a last resort, to put the animal down.

Please see the conditions: Pets traveling to Finland with refugees from Ukraine (

As pets may carry diseases, it is important that you follow the instructions given by authorities. That way, you will minimise public health risks.

A pet owner is responsible for the pet’s health and welfare

As a pet owner, you are responsible for your pet’s health and welfare.

  • Treat your pet well. 
  • Make sure that your pet gets enough exercise and gets out of the house sufficiently often.
  • Do not leave your pet alone for too long a time.
  • You must cover your pet's expenses: food, water, equipment, medical costs (excluding the first check after arriving in Finland and the necessary procedures included in that check).

Pets at a reception centre:

  • Make sure that your pet does not damage anyone's property. You will need to compensate for any damages.
  • You are responsible for carrying out sufficient cleaning in your room or apartment. 
  • Your pet must not cause harm to other residents (by barking, biting). 
  • When leaving your room, do not let your pet roam free. Keep your pet on a lead or in a harness. 
  • The person walking the pet must be able to control the pet so that it does not come into contact with other people or animals.

Under law, animals must be treated well and no undue distress may be caused to them. Inflicting undue pain and distress on animals is strictly prohibited. Violence against pets is forbidden.


Instructions in Ukrainian