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Residence permit application for other grounds

Apply for a residence permit with this application if you are applying for a residence permit for a reason which is not one of the reasons for which a separate application form exists. Such reasons are an established dating relationship, an intention to get married with a Finnish citizen or becoming a victim of human trafficking. Tourism is not a valid reason.

Note that an application form does exist for the following: adoption, au pair status, entrepreneur, former Finnish citizenship, employment as a specialist, studies, remigration, scientific research, internship, employment, sports or coaching and family ties.

  • Expected processing time

    First permit 4 months / extended permit 4 months

  • Paper application fee

    First permit 520 € / extended permit 430 €

Residence permit application for a victim of human trafficking

General requirements for entry into Finland

Make sure you meet the general requirements for entry into Finland before you submit an application:

  • You are not a danger to public order and security.


To get a temporary residence permit, you must meet the following requirements:


You have become a victim of human trafficking or there are reasonable grounds to suspect that you have become a victim.


You are in Finland when you apply for the residence permit.


You need to stay in Finland because of a pre-trial investigation or court proceedings related to human trafficking.


You cooperate with the authorities to help them catch the persons who are suspected of human trafficking.


You are no longer in contact with the persons suspected of human trafficking.

If you are in a particularly vulnerable position, you may get a continuous residence permit. In this case, you do not need to cooperate with the authorities, and a pre-trial investigation or court proceedings do not need to be the reason why you stay in Finland.

Right to work

You have an unrestricted right to work. You cannot start working before you get a residence permit.


General attachments

  • A passport photo complying with the photo guidelines issued by the police, or a photograph retrieval code you received from a photo shop
    • The passport photo must be no more than 6 months old.

Application-specific attachments

  • A free-form written statement of the reasons why you suspect that you have become a victim of human trafficking
  • The Finnish Immigration Service will charge a fee for processing your application.
    • We will return the fee to you if we grant you a residence permit.

Residence permit application on other grounds, OLE_MUU

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