Organisation and contact information

The Section for Country Information Service operates under the Legal Service and Country Information Unit of the Finnish Immigration Service.


Sirpa Ranta, Head of Country Information

  • Coordination of international COI collaboration (IGC/COI, AMIF/MedCOI and EASO/COI); EU and EEA countries; North America; Oceania; Tellus database for country of origin information; contact person for the EASO COI Strategic Network

Mikko Nyman, Team Leader

  • Immediate superior of researchers; EASO Training Curriculum/COI, MedCOI

Satu Ruotsalainen, Project Manager

  • AMIF/FAKTA project

Researchers and regions

Middle East and North Africa

  • Peter Sandelin
  • Mika Niskanen
  • Elina Mäntylä
  • Tiina Hyyppä

Eastern and Southern Africa, West Africa

  • Riku Santaharju
  • Sara Meriläinen
  • Emilia Mäki

Asia, America and Eastern Europe

  • Elisa Rekola
  • Esa Ojala
  • Antero Leitzinger
  • Mikael Kujala
  • Maria Kyrönlahti

Planning Officers, Tellus database for country of origin information

  • Daniel Grant
  • Tomi Jääskeläinen

Migration Library

  • Nina Korhonen, Senior Planning Officer
  • Sampsa Saarinen, Planning Officer