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You have come to the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

The website is the central communication channel for the Finnish Immigration Service. The aim of the website is to give an overall picture of matters concerning entry into Finland. You may not necessarily find direct answers to your individual situation on the site. That is why you should also get familiar with the legislation if needed.

Processing personal data on the website

The Finnish Immigration Service is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of the website’s visitors in line with the Personal Data Act and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679). The use of the website does not require registration. We do not collect information from which an individual visitor could be identified.


The website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that browsers store on site visitors’ devices. When you arrive at the website, we ask for your consent for using cookies. The website uses both cookies necessary for the optimal performance of the website as well as those used for visitor tracking and quality control. 

Essential cookies are used to ensure the technical performance of the site. Non-essential cookies include visitor tracking and quality control cookies. Visitor tracking and quality control help us develop the site, which is why we hope you also accept non-essential cookies. 

Essential cookies

This content management system cookie stores information about your cookie preferences in your browser settings. The cookie is valid for one year.

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Content management system cookies used to store the user’s information on different pages of the site. The cookies are is valid for the duration of the visit.

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Visitor tracking cookies

  • the webpage through which you arrived on the website
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This visitor tracking cookie registers a unique identifier for each user. The cookie is valid for two years.


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Statistics monitoring of content related to the Your Europe portal. The website is part of the European Commission’s Your Europe portal. The Your Europe portal provides citizens and businesses in EU countries with easy access to the information, procedures, assistance and problem-solving services of the EU Member States. 

Visitor data are collected from pages linked to the Your Europe portal using the Matomo analytics tool. In addition to the url address of the page, the data collected from the pages include the number of visitors, the country of the visitors and the terminal device used. The data are collected anonymously and they are not linked to individuals. The data are only available to the Finnish Immigration Service, the European Commission and the national coordinators mentioned in the regulation. The collected data will be stored in the EU Commission’s repository for a maximum of three years, after which they will be automatically deleted. The collection of visitor data is part of the monitoring of the implementation of EU Regulation (EU) 2018/1724 on a single digital gateway.

Quality control cookies

The website uses the React & Share service. We use the service to collect feedback from website visitors. If you accept non-essential cookies, you can see the reaction buttons and a feedback field on the pages. You can use them to express your opinion on the content of the page.

Reaction & Share cookies store a randomly generated string in your browser to identify transactions from the same browser. The cookies cannot be used to identify a user.
The following information can be combined with a cookie based on transactions:

  • Time
  • Browser and device type
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  • Time spent on pages
  • The www address from which you arrived on each page
  • The reactions you gave on each page
  • The feedback you gave on each page

React & Share does not store third-party cookies or transfer any data to third parties. Third parties cannot utilise the cookies or the data that can be combined with them.
React & Share cookies are stored in your browser for up to 30 days.  


This cookie is used to collect site visitor and session data and feedback to measure the quality of site content. The cookie is a randomly generated string to identify individual visitors. The data combined with the cookie is stored anonymously.


This cookie is used to indicate the storage time of the rnsbid cookie and to verify its period validity and delete it after its expiration.


This cookie stores and retains information on which feedback button the user has pressed on the page, also between page loads. 


This cookie stores the feedback button timestamp used to delete the stored data after 30 days.

Plugins and links to other services

Links and sharing buttons that direct users to social media services do not transfer visitor data to service providers if they are not used. 

The privacy statements of social media services contain information about the cookies used by the services.

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Banning the use of cookies

The site uses a cookie banner. You can accept or reject non-essential cookies and plugins. If you reject cookies, non-essential cookies or plugins will not be installed.

You can also change your preferences.


We aim to make our services accessible for as many as possible. We are always looking to improve the accessibility of our services.

Accessibility Statement


On the grounds of the Copyright Act and later amendments to it, the Finnish Immigration Service or another information provider given in connection to the document has the rights to the material published on the website. In matters concerning the use of the material, please contact the agency’s Press and Communications Services.

PDF documents

Documents in PDF format have been published on the website. To be able to read these documents, you need the reader program Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the program for free from Adobe’s website

Legal reservation

Our aim is to maintain the website of the Finnish Immigration Service as up-to-date as possible. However, the agency does not answer for the direct or indirect harm caused by possible errors in the content.

The agency does not either take responsibility for material produced outside the agency which can be accessed via a link on the website. Similarly, the agency does not answer for harm caused by breakdowns in the information networks or by other technical breakdowns.

Links and social media

The internal links of the service open mainly in the same browser window. The links to external sources open in a new browser window.

If the link takes you away from the website of the Finnish Immigration Service, the Finnish Immigration Service does not answer for what kind of information the website in question collects. For example, our videos are on YouTube, which collects data about its users. The content of our website can be shared on Twitter or Facebook.

When moving to a linked website, the terms and conditions of the website in question will apply. We recommend that you look into the data protection policies and personal data processing of the other websites. The Finnish Immigration Service is not responsible for the updating or publishing of these third party websites or the validity of the information on these websites. A link on our website to third party websites does not mean that the Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for the operation of the websites or the products and services offered or mentioned on these websites.

Subscribing to press releases and customer bulletins

You can subscribe to the press releases and customer bulletins of the Finnish Immigration Service on our website and receive them directly to your e-mail. When subscribing to the press releases and customer bulletins, you agree to your contact information being recorded for the purpose of sending the press releases and customer bulletins. The data processing is based on consent.

You can read more about the processing of subscribers’ personal data in the register information. Subscribe to our press releases and customer bulletins here.

You can also subscribe to the customer bulletins and press releases of the Finnish Immigration Service as a RSS feed.

Giving feedback

We are continuously developing our website. You can give feedback on the content of our website through the feedback form on the website. We do not ask for any personal data on the feedback form. On our website, you can also give feedback on other matters with the form.

We only save contact and other information separately given by the user to be able to answer the user’s contact requests, questions or other feedback.

You can find more information on the processing of feedback in the register information.

Contact information

In matters concerning our website, please contact the administrator of the website by sending an e-mail to the address We will also willingly answer any possible questions you have about data protection.