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Contact Information

Customer guidance services

Service points

Asylum interviews and oral hearings

Head office

  • Opastinsilta 12 A, 00520 Helsinki

Submitting additional documents

  • If you have submitted your application in the Enter Finland online service, please submit any additional documents in Enter Finland.
  • If you have applied on paper, please post any additional documents in a letter or send them as encrypted e-mail in the Securemail service of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Postal address

  • Finnish Immigration Service, PO Box 10, FI-00086 Maahanmuuttovirasto


  • migri(at)
  • firstname.lastname(at) 

Please replace (at) with the @ symbol.

Use the Finnish Immigration Service’s Securemail service ( when you send email. The Securemail service will encrypt your message. Messages sent via the service will arrive reliably in the Finnish Immigration Service. 

Please do not use other email encryption services. We cannot open messages that have been encrypted by using other services than the Finnish Immigration Service’s Securemail service. In such a case we will consider that your email has not arrived.

If you do not use the Finnish Immigration Service’s Securemail service, the junk email filter may treat your message as junk email and your email will not arrive in the Finnish Immigration Service. 

Under law, you are responsible for making sure that your email arrives in the Finnish Immigration Service.

How to use the Securemail service of the Finnish Immigration Service:

Please notice that there may be delays in reading and replying to emails. Please send your message only once. This will speed up the processing of messages. We process messages in the order that they arrive.

We usually only reply to the customer whose case the email is about. We can also reply to the customer’s lawyer, advocate, legal aid attorney or some other authorised person if we have been able to confirm their role and right of access to information through one of the following:

  • an email address showing that the person is a lawyer, advocate, or legal aid attorney of the person who has sent the message
  • an email address that ends in ‘’, or 
  • the customer’s consent or authorisation entered in the Register of Aliens.

We will remove all other recipients from the email thread before we send a reply. The customer may forward the reply to the other recipients, if necessary.


  • 0295 430 431

The switchboard connects calls from authorities and the media.

Please note that the switchboard does not put through customer calls. See the service numbers of customer guidance services.


  • 0295 411 720


E-invoicing address

  • EDI code 003710199535
  • Peppol address 0216:003710199535
  • Operator code (Opus Capita Solutions) E204503
  • Business ID of the Finnish Immigration Service 1019953-5
  • VAT number FI10199535

We have changed operator codes. From 6 May to 30 September 2024, both the new and the old operator code are in use:

  • Operator code: Posti Messaging Oy FI28768767
  • Operator code: Opus Capita E204503

After the transition period, only the Posti Messaging Oy operator code remains in use.

As of 1 April 2021, we will only accept invoices that comply with the European Standard. If a company cannot send an invoice complying with the European Standard within the required time, the company must separately agree with the Finnish Immigration Service on a transitional period already when the order is placed or a contract is drawn up. All invoices must always fulfil the requirements of the Value Added Tax Act concerning the information content of an invoice.

For more information about the requirements for invoices, please see the web page of the State Treasury (