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Residence permit application for intra-corporate transferee (ICT residence permit)

Apply for a residence permit with this application if:

  • you are transferred internally within a company or group of companies to work as a manager, specialist or trainee in Finland and
  • you have the competence and education required for the job in question.

The abbreviation 'ICT' refers to intra-corporate transfer.

Specialists and managers may be granted an intra-corporate transferee permit for up to three years. For trainees, the permit can be granted for one year.

You must live outside the EU to be able to apply for a first intra-corporate transferee permit. This means that if you are in Finland or in some other EU Member State, you cannot apply for a first intra-corporate transferee permit. You can apply for an extended ICT residence permit only if you already are staying in Finland with an ICT residence permit.

  • Expected processing time

    First permit 2 weeks / extended permit 2 weeks

  • Electronic application fee

    First permit 380 € / extended permit 170 €


  • Paper application fee

    First permit 480 € / extended permit 430 €


Specialists and managers can apply for an ICT residence permit using the fast-track service and get the permit in two weeks. Read more on the page Fast track

If you are a specialist or manager, you can apply for a D visa at the same time as you apply for a residence permit. The D visa allows you to travel to Finland immediately after you have been issued with a residence permit and a D visa sticker has been attached to your passport. Read more about the D visa.

This is what you should do


Fill in the application:

Right to work

When you live in Finland with an ICT residence permit, you must mainly work with the duties your residence permit was issued for. You cannot start working before you get a residence permit. If you apply for an extended permit, check whether you have the right to work while your application is being processed.

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