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Coming to Finland on other grounds

When you apply for a residence permit in Finland you must have grounds for applying, as laid down in the Finnish Aliens Act. The most common grounds for getting a residence permit are studies, work, self-employment, family ties in Finland and remigration. If you are not sure what application form you should use, use the Application Finder to find out.

If the grounds mentioned above do not suit your situation, you may apply for a residence permit on other, special grounds. Examples include an established dating relationship with a Finnish citizen or a person who has a residence permit in Finland, and the intention to get married. Becoming a victim of human trafficking is another example of special grounds. However, travel does not count as special grounds.

When you fill in your application, explain carefully why you should get a residence permit. Our decision on your application will be based an overall assessment. We will take account of your overall situation when we make a decision. Read more about the decision-making process of the Finnish Immigration Service.

You must take care of your own means of support

You must have sufficient means for living in Finland during the entire period of validity of your residence permit. Read more about the income requirement.

Family members

If you have been granted a residence permit on other, special grounds, your spouse and children may usually apply for a residence permit on the basis of family ties.

Your right to work is restricted

If you have been granted a residence permit on other, special grounds, your right to work is limited. You may only do certain kinds of work. Read more about the right to work.

Application process

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