Asylum in Finland

Withdrawal of refugee status and subsidiary protection

Your refugee status is withdrawn, meaning that you will no longer have asylum in Finland, if:

  • you voluntarily re-avail yourself of the protection of your country of nationality;
  • you voluntarily regain your previous citizenship after you have lost it;
  • you become a citizen of another state and are able to avail yourself of the protection of this country;
  • you voluntarily settle in the country from which you fled because you feared persecution; or
  • you are no longer in need of protection because the circumstances under which you became a refugee no longer exist.

Your subsidiary protection status is withdrawn if the circumstances that led to its granting no longer exist or have changed to such a degree that you no longer need protection.

Impact of crimes on withdrawal of international protection

We may re-assess your refugee status or subsidiary protection status if you commit a crime in Finland or if you are considered a danger to public security.

We will re-assess your status if a proposal has been made to deport you from Finland.

You can be deported on the basis of crimes or because you pose a danger to public security if:

  • you have committed an offence carrying a maximum sentence of imprisonment for a year or more;
  • you are found guilty of repeated offences;
  • you have, through your activities, shown that you endanger other people’s safety; or
  • you have taken part, or there are grounds to suspect that you may take part in activities that endanger Finland’s national security.

If our assessment reveals that there are grounds for withdrawing your protection status (as listed at the top of this page, such as changes in the situation in your home country), your refugee status or subsidiary protection status may be withdrawn and you may be deported from Finland.