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Finnish citizenship

Requirements for a child for becoming a Finnish citizen

You can add your child as a co-applicant to your application when you apply for Finnish citizenship for yourself. The child must be under 18 years of age, and you must have custody of him or her. Remember to check that your child meets the requirements for becoming a Finnish citizen before you apply for citizenship for him or her.

Read more about how to apply for Finnish citizenship for a child who is applying together with you

You can apply for Finnish citizenship for your child without applying for citizenship for yourself if:

  • you are a Finnish citizen and have custody of the child and the child is living with you; or
  • you are the child's guardian; or
  • you are a foreign national who has custody of the child and there is a weighty reason related to the best interest of the child for obtaining citizenship. 

See the page Citizenship application for a child.

The child’s identity must be reliably established 

A child’s identity can be established: 

  • by presenting reliable documents, such as a passport; or
  • by providing otherwise reliable information at least about the child’s name, date of birth, citizenship and family ties. 

When we are determining your child’s identity, we will also take into account any information you have given us earlier about his or her identity. Read more on the page Establishment of identity.

Children aged 14 or younger:

  • The child must be living legally in Finland when the application is decided. 
  • The child does not need to meet the language skills requirement.

Children aged 15 or older:

  • The child must currently live in Finland and must have lived in Finland:
    • for the past 4 years without interruption; or
    • for 6 years in total after he or she turned 7, and out of these 6 years, for the past 2 years without interruption; or
    • for the past 2 years if the child is a Nordic citizen.
  • The child must meet the Finnish or Swedish language skills requirement. 
    • For a co-applicant who has turned 15 and still participates in comprehensive education, the most recent interim report card (period or end-of-term) is sufficient.
  • A child who has turned 15 must meet the integrity requirement.