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Applying for a residence permit in Finland on the basis of an EU residence permit

If you have an EU residence permit from another Member State you may apply for a Finnish residence permit, either in Finland or in the Member State that granted the EU residence permit.

A residence permit may be granted on the basis of employment, self-employment, study or other grounds. A residence permit is granted for a fixed term, either temporary or continuous, depending on the nature of your residence.

Submit the application as soon as possible after your arrival in the country, and within 90 days at the latest.

Choose the application form according to the basis on which you are applying for a residence permit. Instructions for filling in the form and information on the necessary attachments are printed on the application form.

In Finland, submit your application at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service. If you are outside Finland, submit your application to the Finnish mission (embassy or consulate) in the Member State that granted you your EU residence permit.