Handling matters at a service point


Before your visit a service point

Find information on our website. Before you visit a service point, check our website Migri.fi to see if you can find an answer to your question. Our chatbot can help you with questions on processing times and contact information. You can also call our telephone service.

For more detailed instructions, see the pages Booking an appointment and Visiting a service point.

Handing in additional documents

If you have submitted your application in our e-service, log in and send your additional documents there.

If you wish to bring the additional documents personally to us, you can leave your documents in a postbox at one of our service points during office hours. You do not need to book an appointment or take a waiting number for this.

You can also submit your additional documents to us in other ways.

Our telephoneservice is available in Finnish, Swedish and English

If you do not speak Finnish, Swedish or English, bring with you a person who speaks one of these languages. You can also use an interpreter. In this case, you must book an interpreter and pay his or her fees yourself.

Instructions on how asylum seekers should handle their matters

We have compiled instructions for asylum seekers which you can find on the page ‘Applying for asylum’.