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Residence permit

Post-decision monitoring of residence permits

Post-decision monitoring means that we may check afterwards whether or not you still meet the requirements for the residence permit that has been granted to you.

Each year, we select certain permit categories for post-decision monitoring. In 2021, for example, we conducted post-decision monitoring of extended permits that had been granted to spouses of Finnish citizens or on the basis of work that required a partial decision. We have carried out post-decision monitoring since 2017.

Automatic post-decision monitoring

The automatic post-decision monitoring that we conduct is based on register controls. We may carry out register checks in a selection of national registers, including the register of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), the Koski register (in Finnish,, and the Population Information System of Finland ( We can use register checks to assess whether the holder of a residence permit still meets the permit requirements. 

If there is reason to consider the withdrawal of a residence permit, a Finnish Immigration Service official will assess the case. Before we decide to cancel a permit, we will always ask you and your family member who lives in Finland of your opinions on the possible withdrawal. See the page Withdrawal of residence permits for more information.

Post-decision monitoring of students’ residence permits

We have started the post-decision monitoring of students’ residence permits in autumn 2023. This monitoring initiative concerns students' residence permits granted after 1 June 2022 for studies leading to a degree. The monitoring focuses on the key requirements for the residence permit for studies. 

We will, among other things, check: 

  • whether you have started your studies;
  • whether you are making progress in your studies; and
  • whether your right to study is valid.

You will also need to meet the rest of the requirements for the permit.

The legislation covering students’ residence permits was amended in 2022, making it easier for international students to focus on their studies. Now, a residence permit for studies is granted for the entire duration of the studies. This means that, as a rule, students do not need to apply for extended permits since their first residence permits are valid for several years at a time. Before the legislative amendments, the requirements for the permit were checked when students applied for an extended permit.