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Expedited processing

Your application for international protection can be processed in an accelerated procedure if the Finnish Immigration Service considers it to be manifestly unfounded.

Manifestly unfounded application

An application is manifestly unfounded if:

  • as grounds for your application, you have not presented such persecution or violations of human rights that would entitle you to international protection;
  • your statements concerning your need for protection are clearly implausible;
  • you have given giving false, misleading or deficient information on matters that are essential to our decision on your application, presented forged documents without an acceptable reason, or filed your application simply to delay your removal from the country; or
  • you come from a safe country of origin where you may be returned.

What is a safe country of origin?

A safe country of origin is a state where there is no risk of persecution or serious violations of human rights. The other EU Member States are usually safe countries.

When assessing safety, special attention is paid to the following questions:

  • Does the state have a stable and democratic social system?
  • Does the state have an independent and impartial judicial system and does the administration of justice meet the requirements for a fair trial?
  • Has the state signed the main international conventions on human rights and does the state adhere to them?
  • Have there been serious violations of human rights in the state?

There is no pre-approved list of safe countries of origin.