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The Finnish Immigration Service’s Kamu chatbot is a virtual customer servant that utilises artificial intelligence. You can find Kamu in the lower right-hand corner of the website.

You can enter your question in either English or Finnish.

Available around the clock

Kamu offers general advice, but it is not able to answer questions about your personal situation. You should not enter your personal information or other confidential information related to your application in the chatbot.

You do not need to log in or register in order to ask Kamu questions.

Are you applying for a residence permit, EU registration or citizenship? Use the Kamu chatbot to check how your application is progressing!

Kamu can tell you your application's current place in the processing queue. Kamu checks how many applications in the queue

  • relate to the same case type as your application, and
  • have awaited a decision longer than your application.

Would you like to know your application’s place in the queue? Here is what you should do:

  1. Click on the Kamu chatbot on the lower right corner of the or Enter Finland website.
  2. Click on ‘my place in the queue’. 
  3. When Kamu asks for your diary number, type it in. If you do not know your diary number, ask Kamu: “Where can I find the diary number?” After that, Kamu will tell you how to find your diary number in an online application or paper application. 
  4. When you write your diary number in the Kamu bot, Kamu will tell you where your application stands in the process. 

The Kamu service is available in Finnish and English.

Why does Kamu need a diary number?

The diary number does not reveal your identity or any details about your application. It ensures a certain and information secure way to find out how your application is progressing.

We recommend that you check your application's place in the queue once a week or once a month

All applications are processed individually, and an application's position in the queue changes during processing. It is normal to see the position of an application remain the same for a period of time or even fall down the queue briefly. Applications can fall down the queue if pending applications are not processed in the order in which they were submitted. For example, applications submitted by members of the same family are often processed together even if they are not submitted at the same time. 

The information on an application's progress is updated once a day. While your application’s place in the queue can remain the same for some time or even fall down the queue briefly, it will move forward in the queue over the longer term. Therefore, it is not necessarily useful to ask for a progress update every day. Instead, we recommend that customers check their application's place in the queue once a week or month, for example.

Your place in the queue does not tell you how soon you will get a decision

Updates on the progress of your application give you an estimate of how many applications in the same queue will be processed before yours. In most cases, we make decisions on applications in the order in which they were submitted. However, processing times vary depending on the type of permit in question. This means that you may receive a decision quickly even if there is a large number of applications in front of yours in the queue.

You cannot get information about your place in the queue in all situations

In more than 90 per cent of cases, Kamu can accurately report where a particular application is in the processing queue. However, in particular cases Kamu cannot check where your application is in the queue:

  • When you submit your application, progress updates are not available until the next day. 
  • If there are fewer than 20 applications ahead of your application, you will not receive detailed information about your place in the queue. Instead, Kamu will tell you that your application will be resolved soon.  
  • If your application has been waiting for a decision for more than 18 months, you will not usually receive information about your place in the queue. For more information about processing times, see

If you have applied for Finnish citizenship, there may be an error when displaying progress updates.

Due to the error, your application's position may remain unchanged or fall down the queue for a long time. If this happens, the information you are currently being shown is not accurate, and your application is actually further down the queue. Your application is processed as normal regardless of its place in the queue.

The error is due to a backlog in the processing of citizenship applications. For more information, please see our customer bulletin: Backlog in the processing of citizenship applications.

Are you an employer? 

Kamu can give you advice about, for example: 

  • employing foreign nationals  
  • right to work 
  • Enter Finland 
  • customer service. 

Write ‘I am an employer’ in the text field below Kamu and Kamu will give you advice intended for employers. 

Continuous improvement

To provide correct and up-to-date information, the chatbot is being trained continuously. The answers provided by the chatbot are written by experts at the Finnish Immigration Service, but these people cannot be reached through the chatbot.

Kamu will be improved on the basis of past conversations and the feedback received. To provide feedback on the chatbot, close the chat window. A feedback view will be displayed.

Further information about the data protection.