The Finnish Immigration Service’s Kamu chatbot is a virtual customer servant that utilises artificial intelligence. Kamu is available on all pages on the website.

During the pilot stage, Kamu will answer frequently asked questions about

  • application processing times
  • the contact details of the Immigration Service.

You can enter your question in either English or Finnish.

Available around the clock

Kamu offers general advice, but it is not able to answer questions about your personal situation. You should not enter your personal information or other confidential information related to your application in the chatbot.

Kamu does not require registration or logging in.

Continuous improvement

To provide correct and up-to-date information, the chatbot is being trained continuously. The answers provided by the chatbot are written by experts at the Finnish Immigration Service, but these people cannot be reached through the chatbot.

Kamu will be improved on the basis of feedback received. To provide feedback on the chatbot, close the chat window. A feedback view will be displayed.

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