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Application for an extended permit on the basis of studies

Apply for a residence permit with this form if your studies continue but the validity of your residence permit is about to expire. Apply for an extended permit before your previous residence permit expires. We do not recommend that you apply for an extended permit earlier than three months before the expiry date of your residence permit. If you apply earlier, we may not necessarily be able to assess whether you meet the requirements for an extended permit and may be unable to grant the permit. Do not apply for an extended permit before you have completed the necessary ECTS credits.

Please observe that in matters concerning extended permits the residence permit card will not be sent abroad. You have to have a valid address in Finland where the card can be sent.

  • Expected processing time for electronic application

    12 months

  • Expected processing time for paper application

    2 months

  • Electronic application fee

    180 €

  • Electronic application fee, minor holder

    180 €

  • Paper application fee

    250 €

  • Paper application fee, minor holder

    250 €

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Right to work

If you have applied for an extended permit in good time, in other words before your previous permit expires, you may work while your residence permit application is pending. If you submit your application too late, you cannot start working before you get a new residence permit.

You can work without restrictions if your work is related to your degree. This means practical training or diploma work as part of the degree.

  • In addition, you may work in paid employment for a maximum of 30 hours per week. The number of working hours can be exceeded some weeks, as long as the average working hours are no more than 30 hours per week at the end of the year.

Application for an extended permit on the basis of studies, OLE_OPI

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