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Customer guidance services of the Finnish Immigration Service

You can contact us to ask about residence permits, citizenship matters or other permit matters handled by the Finnish Immigration Service, about booking an appointment or about our online services.

Before you contact us

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
    • Before you contact us, please read the website carefully. See the Frequently Asked Questions page.
    • You can follow the processing of your application in Enter Finland if you have applied for a permit or citizenship online. In most cases, you can follow the processing of your application also with the help of chatbot Kamu and automated messages.
  2. How we can help you
    • We can only give information about applications to our customers and their legal representatives, and only if we can verify that the person has the right to access the information.
    • The service number cannot tell you whether or not you will get a residence permit or citizenship, or the duration of the permit.
  3. Have the following information ready when contacting us
    • customer number, diary number or date of birth
    • other necessary information about your matter, for example:
      • which application you are referring to 
      • when and where you submitted the application 
      • which document your question concerns (for example, a request for additional information or some other document the Finnish Immigration Service has sent you). 
  4. Choosing the right number
    • Service numbers can only help in matters specified for the number in question, so please choose the right number to avoid unnecessary queuing.

Call the Finnish Immigration Service

Service numbers 

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Guidance for employers

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Call cost

When you call any number of the Finnish Immigration Service, you pay a local network charge when you call from a landline telephone, or a mobile telephone charge when you call from a mobile phone. The same charges apply to queueing to our service numbers. 
International call charges depend on the pricing of mobile phone operators in each country 
We record all calls.

Exceptional service hours

The customer guidance services are closed on official holidays. We close at 12 (noon) on the following days:

  • Maundy Thursday (before Easter)
  • the day before May Day (30 April)
  • the day before Midsummer Eve
  • the day before Christmas Eve (23 December)
  • New Year’s Eve (31 December)

Contacts from the Finnish Immigration Service

After your call, you may receive a text message from us from the number 18135, informing you that we have tried to contact you or asking you to respond to our yearly customer satisfaction survey.