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Means of support

When you apply for Finnish citizenship, you must provide a reliable account of your current and past sources of income. You must tell us the sources of your livelihood during the entire period of residence that is required of you in order to become a Finnish citizen.

A reliable account of your livelihood means that you can prove that you have a legal way to support yourself in Finland that is enough for you to live on. If you have only received general housing allowance, for example, it is not regarded as a sufficient means of support without other sources of income.

Proving your means of support

You need to list all your sources of income in your application. If your source of income has changed during your period of residence, inform us about all sources. For example, if you have a job now but earlier received support from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), mention both sources.

You can prove your means of support in the following ways: