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Citizenship declaration for a former Finnish citizen

Apply with this declaration for Finnish citizenship if you previously have been a Finnish citizen. You can also apply for Finnish citizenship for minor children in your care. You will then need a supplement form for the children. Which supplement form you need depends on the age of the child.

  • Expected processing time for electronic application

    12 months

  • Expected processing time for paper application

    12 months

  • Electronic application fee

    150 € / child 80 €

  • Paper application fee

    220 € / child 100 €

This is what you should do


Make sure you meet the requirements for becoming a citizen.


Make sure you have all the attachments needed for the application and that they are up to date. If necessary, have them translated and legalised.


Fill in your application.


Pay for your electronic application in the e-service Enter Finland. Pay for a paper application at a service point.


If you are abroad, visit a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate). If you are already in Finland, book an appointment at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.


Wait for a decision. The Finnish Immigration Service will contact you if necessary.


Make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • I am a former Finnish citizen
    • You must be a former Finnish citizen yourself. You cannot acquire Finnish citizenship by declaration only on the grounds of being a descendant of a former Finnish citizen. If you want to find out whether you are or formerly have been a Finnish citizen, you can request the Finnish Immigration Service to determine your citizenship status.
  • Your identity has been reliably established
    • You can establish your identity by showing us reliable documents (such as your passport) or by giving us reliable information about at least your real name, date of birth, nationality and family ties. When we are determining your identity, we will also take into account any information you have given us earlier about your identity.
  • You did not lose your Finnish citizenship by the initiative of an authority
    • The Finnish Immigration Service may decide to revoke your citizenship
      • if you have given us false information on your previous citizenship application
      • if you got your citizenship based on your father’s citizenship, and his paternity has been annulled

These requirements must be met at the time you submit your declaration.

Application-specific attachments

  • Valid passport, or other identity document if you have no passport
  • Certificate of citizenship decision or other official certificate indicating how and on what basis you have acquired your current citizenship. This is not needed if your information is entered in the Finnish Population Information System.
  • Birth certificate indicating your parents and place of birth, if you are not registered in the Finnish Population Information System.
  • Forms appended for co-applicants:

Citizenship declaration for a former Finnish citizen, KAN_7

Fill in an electronic application