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Loss of citizenship and release from citizenship

A Finnish citizen does not lose his or her Finnish citizenship when he or she becomes a citizen of another state. Correspondingly, foreign nationals do not need to give up their current citizenship in order to become Finnish citizens. Finland has accepted multiple citizenship (dual/multiple citizenship) since 1 June 2003.

Loss of Finnish citizenship at the age of 22

You will automatically lose your Finnish citizenship when you turn 22 years of age if you are a citizen of another state and you have not had a sufficient connection to Finland. The Finnish Immigration Service will notify you of the risk of losing your citizenship.

Losing Finnish citizenship due to false information

If you have become a Finnish citizen by application or by declaration and given false or misleading information at that time, you may later lose your Finnish citizenship. You may also lose your Finnish citizenship if you have become a citizen on the basis of your father’s citizenship or your non-birth mother’s citizenship but his paternity or her maternity is later annulled.

Release from Finnish citizenship

A Finnish citizen may also request to be released from his or her Finnish citizenship if he or she is (or is about to become) a citizen of another state. Read more on the page Release from Finnish citizenship.

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