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You can be granted a residence permit in two weeks if you apply via the fast track service 

You can fast-track your residence permit application and receive a decision in two weeks, if you are coming to Finland to work

To fast-track the processing of your application, you must

  • fill in an application and add all the necessary attachments in the online service Enter Finland
  • pay the application in Enter Finland, and
  • prove your identity within five (5) working days of submitting your application.

If you are a specialist, an expert applying for an ICT residence permit, or a person applying for an EU Blue Card, your employer must add the terms of employment to your application in Enter Finland for Employers within two (2) working days after you have submitted your application.

When applying for a residence permit using the fast track service, you can also apply for a D visa at the same time. With a D visa, you can arrive in Finland immediately after a decision has been made on your application. Read more on the page D visa.

You can only apply for a first residence permit via the fast track service, not for an extended permit.  If you are in Finland already, you cannot apply using the fast track service.

Watch our video on how to apply using the fast-track service.

How to apply for a residence permit using the fast-track service? (