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Permits and citizenship

Changes to your application or contact information

Inform the Finnish Immigration Service of all changes that affect your application. For example, you need to tell us if you get married or become a parent.

Inform us about any changes by writing to us in Finnish, Swedish or English. The form of this written notification is free, but you must date it and sign it.

Submit your supplementary documents via the online service or by post

The documents will be attached to your application more quickly if you fill in a covering note with the information about your matter and attach the note to your documents. Please include your customer number and the diary number of the matter on the covering note to speed up the processing of the attached documents.

You can rely on us to attach the documents to your application. You do not need to call us and check this later.

You should only send us documents that you wish to attach to a matter that we are processing. If other authorities, for example the police, have requested documents from you, you must submit these documents directly to them.

Notify the Finnish Immigration Service of any changes to your contact details

Notify the Finnish Immigration Service immediately if your contact details change during the time your application is being processed.

If you have submitted your application online, you can make changes to your contact details in the online service Enter Finland.

If you have submitted a paper application, notify us of your new contact details by filling in this form. Send the form to us by post or bring it to one of our offices or service points during opening hours. Put the form in an envelope and drop the envelope in the postbox.

A child who is a co-applicant must supplement the citizenship application at the age of 18

If a child, who is a co-applicant in a citizenship application, turns 18 before a decision has been made on the application, he or she must supplement the application so that it applies to him or her.

Supplementing the application means that the co-applicant fills in the citizenship application form KAN_1. The filled-in application should be handed in to the Finnish Immigration Service, for example by post.

The Finnish Immigration service sends a letter to any co-applicant who comes of age, urging him or her to supplement the application so that it applies to him or her. The letter contains a time limit during which the application can be supplemented free of charge.