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Residence permits are granted for studies that lead to a degree or vocational qualification

You may get a residence permit if you have been accepted to study in a Finnish educational institution. Your studies must lead to a vocational qualification or a degree. Accepted educational institutions include institutions that provide education after basic education, for example universities, universities of applied sciences and vocational education institutions.

You may also get a residence permit for studies not mentioned above if you have a well-founded reason for it, such as complementing your earlier studies, further training related to your occupation, or special training available in Finland (for example training on the monitoring of international agreements).

Exchange studies

You may obtain a residence permit based on your studies if you participate in an exchange programme between educational institutions or some other exchange programme. Further information on exchange programmes is available at your own educational institution.

Language and training courses

You may obtain a residence permit to study Finnish before the start of your actual studies if you have been accepted as a student at a Finnish educational institution. You may not obtain a residence permit for language or training courses alone.

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