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Extended permit for victim of employer negligence or exploitation

  • Paper application fee

    180 €

You may be granted an extended permit to look for a new job or to start a business, if you are working in Finland with a residence permit and your employer has neglected their employer obligations in a significant manner or otherwise exploited you.

The residence permit is issued for one year. The permit becomes valid when your previous residence permit expires. The residence permit is continuous (an A permit).

You can apply for this permit if your previous residence permit contains the right to work, regardless of which grounds your permit was granted on. However, you cannot apply for this permit if you have been working in Finland with a certificate for seasonal work or without a residence permit.

You do not need to have a new job or a business when you apply for this permit. If a permit is granted, you can start a new job without any restrictions on which professional field you can work in.

A residence permit for victim of employer negligence or exploitation can be granted once per exploitation case.

The Finnish Immigration Service will assess whether there are reasonable grounds to suspect that your employer has committed considerable acts of negligence or otherwise exploited you.

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Applying for a residence permit

Apply for this residence permit before your current residence permit expires. You must be in Finland to be able to apply for this permit.


Add the following documents to your application:

  • Copy of your identity document or passport.

  • A free-form statement in which you explain, as extensively as possible, how your employer has neglected their obligations or exploited you. Mention in your statement whether you have notified other authorities, such as the police or the occupational safety and health authority (the regional state administrative agency) of your employer’s negligence or exploitation.

Application process when you are applying for a residence permit as a victim of employer negligence or exploitation

Residence permit application on other grounds, OLE_MUU

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