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Role of the employer in matters concerning a residence permit for an employed person

If your employee is a citizen of an EU or EEA country, your employee and his or her family members have a right to work in Finland without restrictions. However, they must register their right of residence or apply for a residence card for a family member. If the employee is a British citizen, see in which cases he or she has the right to work in Finland.

If your employee is not a citizen of an EU or EEA country, he or she must apply for a residence permit. There are more than 20 different residence permits that can be applied for on the basis of work. Under this section, you will find out how you can help your employee in choosing the right application form and in applying for the residence permit. This section also includes information about the cases in which you can be informed of your employee’s residence permit decision, and in which cases you can appeal a decision that you are dissatisfied with. 

Enter Finland for Employers

You can speed up the processing of your employee’s application by using Enter Finland for Employers. Quick transfer of information enables us to process the application faster. In addition to this, submitting the application in Enter Finland enables us to utilise automation, which speeds up the processing. Using the online service Enter Finland is secure and reliable.

Obligations of the employer when hiring foreign labour

What are your obligations when hiring a foreign employee? How can you verify the employee’s right of residence and his or her right to work? What should you do if your employee does not have a right of residence or the right to work? Under this section, you can also notify us of an illegal employee and read about the employee’s rights.

For employers of seasonal workers

What is considered seasonal work? What are the conditions for granting a seasonal work permit? For how long a period can a seasonal work permit be granted? In this section, you will find answers to these and many other questions related to seasonal work. In addition, read the instructions on how to supplement the terms of employment in an employee's application at

Frequently asked questions from employers

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You can watch the Finnish Immigration Service’s work-related webinars on the page


  • Webinar for employers (in Finnish) 
  • Webinar for employees (in English) 

Watch a video about the residence permit for a specialist (duration approximately 8 minutes, only in Finnish).

Ask our chatbot Kamu! You will find Kamu in the bottom right corner of our web pages. Write ‘I am an employer’ in the text field below Kamu and Kamu will give you advice intended for employers.