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Automated decision

An automated decision is a decision that our system automatically makes on your application. The processing of your application may involve automated steps and steps taken by our specialists.

Our system makes an automated decision only where this is possible under law. Automation is based on the rules formulated by the Finnish Immigration Service. The system uses these rules to check whether your application meets the requirements laid down in law. The decision will follow the processing rules that are in force at the time when the decision is made.

At the moment, you may be granted an automated decision on the following applications in specific cases:

This is how our system makes an automated decision 

You may receive an automated decision in specific cases if your application meets the requirements laid down in law, you have submitted your application in the Enter Finland online service, and you have carefully filled in your application and provided all the necessary information and attachments. Our system immediately makes an automated decision when 

  • you have paid the application fee 
  • you have proved your identity, and
  • our system or our specialist has checked that your application meets the requirements.

The processing of the application also involves steps taken by authorities. If your application is incomplete or requires clarification, the processing of the application is transferred to our specialist.

The decision contains the information that it is an automated decision and contact information if you have questions.

Benefits of automated decisions

  • Our system checks and makes decisions on all similar applications in the same way. 
  • A uniform processing of applications promotes seamless, safe, and well-managed immigration.
  • An automated decision is faster than a decision made by one of our specialists.
  • When some of the applicants receive an automated decision, our specialists can focus their time on the processing of other applications. This way, automated decision-making may enable more seamless service in the future. 

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