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Registering an EU citizen's right of residence

Right of permanent residence of EU citizens

You have the right of permanent residence in Finland if:

  • you are an EU citizen; and
  • you have resided legally in Finland for a continuous period of 5 years.

The Finnish Immigration Service can give you a document certifying your right of permanent residence. Applying for this certificate is voluntary. Your right of permanent residence does not depend on the certificate. However, the certificate is an easy way of proving that you have the right of permanent residence in Finland.

  • Electronic application fee
    52 €

  • Paper application fee
    52 €

Having the right of permanent residence is not the same as having a permanent address in Finland. A permanent address is something that the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) can record for you.

If your right of residence has previously been based on you being a family member of an EU citizen, your right of residence will no longer depend on your family member’s right of residence once you have gained the right of permanent residence for yourself.

If your right of permanent residence has already been registered earlier and you need a copy of the original certificate, you can submit a certificate request to the Finnish Immigration Service.

Certificate of the right of permanent residence of a citizen of the European Union, EU_PYS

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