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Your old name may appear on the decision on Finnish citizenship by declaration

Some former Finnish citizens who apply to regain their Finnish citizenship have received a decision where their old name is used.

This is because in its decisions, the Finnish Immigration Service uses the name that is saved in the Finnish Population Information System.

If the applicant’s passport or other documents bear a different name, this name is placed in parentheses after the official name that is retrieved from the Population Information System. The Finnish Immigration Service does not have the authority to decide what the applicant’s official name is; this decision is made by the Local Register Offices.

A Finnish national living abroad or a person applying to regain Finnish citizenship by declaration may update his or her personal information at the nearest Finnish mission (embassy or consulate) or at the Local Register Office of his or her most recent municipality of residence in Finland. Further information for expatriate Finns is available on the Local Register Offices’ website at