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Ethical reporting channel and feedback

The Finnish Immigration Service is committed to accountability and transparency, thus helping maintain trust in authorities. To be able to promote accountability in our operations, we are asking our customers and stakeholders to report any suspected malpractice. Reporting enables us to address problems and improve the way we operate. 

If you are a customer of the Finnish Immigration Service, you can file a complaint on the page administrative complaint or give us feedback.

If you are a reception centre employee or other stakeholder, please use our ethical reporting channel.

Filing a whistleblowing report through the reporting channel

The ethical reporting channel can be used to report matters related to, for instance:

  • suspicion of a crime, malpractice
  • misuse of assets, funds or property
  • suspicion of bribery or corruption
  • procurements
  • discrimination, harassment and other matters related to the well-being of personnel.

You do not need to have evidence to support your suspicion, but the report must be filed sincerely and in good faith. Deliberate false reports and reporting matters not related to the purpose of the channel are prohibited.

Please describe the improper activity in sufficient detail so that we will be able to investigate the matter. If necessary, the persons processing the report may ask you for further information. 

We take all reports seriously. All reports made through the reporting channel are investigated with complete confidentiality. We aim to respond to all reports filed through the channel within three months.

How will the information be handled?

The Finnish Immigration Service’s ethical reporting channel has been implemented together with an impartial external partner. The report and any personal details related to it will be removed within a certain time after the case has been dealt with.