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What is asked in an interview?

At the beginning of the asylum interview the Finnish Immigration Service will ask you about:

  • your identity
  • your travel route, or the way you came to Finland

We will also ask other questions that help us determine whether your asylum application will be processed in Finland. Read more about situations in which an asylum application is not processed in Finland.

After this, we will ask you to tell us all the reasons why you are applying for asylum in Finland.

The interview is your opportunity to tell us about the events in your home country or country of permanent residence, and the threat you are experiencing. If you have documents that you want to show us to support your statements, bring them with you to the interview, unless you have already handed them over to Finnish authorities earlier.

Our decision on your asylum application will be based on all the information you give us in the interview and other materials you give us to support your asylum application. For this reason, the interviewer tries to gain information about all the facts that are important in your case. The interviewer will also assess what parts of your statement and your documents are important in your case. If necessary, he or she will ask questions to guide you to talk about the most important things. When we make a decision on your asylum application, we will also assess whether your statement is credible.