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Working for the Finnish Immigration Service

We at the Finnish Immigration Service work with a diverse range of migration-related tasks and deal with international and socially significant matters. We have more than 1,300 employees in 11 cities and towns. Our personnel includes specialists in immigration, HR professionals, researchers, communications professionals, professionals in healthcare and social services, IT experts and professionals in financial management. We value expertise, an open and service-minded attitude, co-operative abilities and a proactive approach to professional and organisational development.

The success of the Finnish Immigration Service depends on its efficient and innovative employees whose well-being is seen to. Our personnel is a diverse group of professionals of different ages and from different backgrounds. We support the well-being of our personnel in many ways, such as by offering a lunch benefit, comprehensive occupational health care services, and sports and culture benefits.

Join us and help make a difference! 

Traineeships for students

Every year, many of our units offer traineeship opportunities for students who are enrolled in a university or university of applied sciences. One of the requirements for becoming a trainee is that your educational institution has granted you funding for at least part of the traineeship. The minimum duration of a traineeship is three months.

We announce our traineeship positions on the website in the beginning of the year. Most job advertisements on are in Finnish.


Below is a list of open positions at the Finnish Immigration Service. Notices of vacancies are posted on the website, which is where government jobs in Finland are announced. The job advertisements on are mostly in Finnish.