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Reports by the Country Information Service

On this page, you can read more extensive reports and surveys by the Country Information Service on different countries and themes.

The reports of the Country Information Service are overviews on the conditions in asylum seekers’ countries of origin. They are not judicial assessments and do not take a stand on whether persons coming from a certain country can be granted international protection in Finland based on their home region. Even though overviews and reports are published only a few times a year and they do not include all countries of origin, the security situation in the countries of origin is assessed on the basis of up-to-date information when each individual asylum application is decided. You will find the Finnish Immigration Service’s country guidelines among the guidelines for application of law.

In Finnish

Thematic Reports

Somalia: Fact-Finding Mission to Mogadishu in March 2020 pdf, 2,6 MB

Eritrea: Fact-Finding Mission to Ethiopia in May 2019 pdf, 2,97 MB

Iraq: Fact-Finding Mission to Baghdad in February 2019 pdf, 1,51 MB

Afghanistan: Fact-Finding Mission to Kabul in April 2019 pdf, 956 kB

Syria: Fact-Finding Mission to Beirut and Damascus, April 2018 pdf, 800 kB

Somalia: Fact-Finding Mission to Mogadishu and Nairobi, January 2018 pdf, 710 kB

Overview of the status of women living without a safety net in Iraq pdf, 585 kB

Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi in Iraq – A Review pdf, 398,5 kB

Syrian and Palestinian (in Lebanon and Exiting Syria) Refugees in Lebanon pdf, 401,7 kB

Syria: Military Service, National Defense Forces, Armed Groups Supporting Syrian Regime and Armed Opposition 23.8.2016 pdf, 421,5 kB

Security situation in Somalia, 4.5.2016 pdf, 968,4 kB

Status of LGBTI people in Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana and Uganda, 3.12.2015 pdf, 862,6 kB

Suuntaus project

Christian converts in Iran, 21.8.2015 pdf, 320,1 kB

Palestinians in the West Bank, 20.8.2015 pdf, 392,4 kB

Violence against women and honour-related violence in Iran, 26.6.2015 pdf, 759,9 kB

Current status of insurgency in the North Caucasus and persecution by the authorities, 23.6.2015 pdf, 393,4 kB

Status of sexual and gender minorities in Nigeria, 9.6.2015 pdf, 409,2 kB

Security situation in Baghdad - The Shia Militias, 29.4.2015 pdf, 894,9 kB

Current situation of sexual and gender minorities in Russia, 10.4.2015 pdf, 428,9 kB

Human trafficking of Nigerian women to Europe, 24.3.2015 pdf, 483,8 kB

Iraq - Report of Fact-Finding Mission 2011 pdf, 2,1 MB

Afghanistan Fact-Finding Mission 2009 pdf, 157,3 kB

Iraq Fact-Finding Mission 2007 pdf, 2 MB

Afghanistan Fact-Finding Mission 2006 pdf, 341 kB