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International House Helsinki 

The Finnish Immigration Service will join International House Helsinki in April 2019.


Students’ residence permits - webinar 5 May 2022

Webinar about studying in Finland.

Topics covered in the webinar included applying for a residence permit, income requirements and extended permits. 

Information meeting for educational institutions on 20 January 2022 (only in Finnish)

The topics covered in the webinar included researchers' and students' residence permits as well as an upcoming legislative amendment and its anticipated effects on residence permits. One goal of the legislative amendment is to enable the granting of a student's first residence permit for the entire duration of their studies. The speakers at the information meeting came from the Finnish Immigration Service, from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

A representative for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment spoke about the current government proposal for amending the act governing the residence permits of researchers and students. The Finnish Immigration Service's presentations explored the effects of the legislative amendments on residence permits and on applications submitted online in Enter Finland. In addition, a representative for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs gave an update on the current situation of Finnish missions and on students’ permit applications.

“Applying for a residence permit on the basis of family ties” -webinar

Are you going to apply for a residence permit on the basis of family ties? If you are, then this webinar is for you! The webinar will provide up-to-date information on residence permit applications for family members.

Topics covered in the webinar include applying for a residence permit, income requirement and extended permits.

Subtitles are provided in English, Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, Russian and Somali.

Employ from Abroad

Webinar for employers in Finnish.

Welcome to work in Finland!

Webinar for employees. The webinar is intended for persons applying for a residence permit for an employed person as well as for EU citizens. It does not cover issues concerning residence permits for, for example, specialists, researchers or entrepreneurs, or how to find work in Finland.

The Finnish Immigration Service in TE Services’ live broadcasts

Experts at the Finnish Immigration Service have participated in TE live broadcasts produced by the TE Services in order to tell about residence permits that can be applied on the basis of employment.

What to know about registration of the right of residence of a citizen of the European Union?

(only in English)

Finnish work permit process for specialists 

(only in English)

A specialist’s work permit process from the employer’s point of view  

(only in Finnish)

Amendments to the Seasonal Workers Act – what will change?

(in Finnish with subtitling in Finnish and Swedish)