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Permits and citizenship

Work Help Finland mobile application

The Work Help Finland mobile application is intended for foreign workers coming to Finland and residing in Finland. 

The application provides information about your rights and responsibilities as an employee in Finland. The application also helps you find the key parties that can help you if you suspect that you have been mistreated.  

The content of the application has been translated into 26 languages

The languages of the application are: 

Finnish, English, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Dari, Spanish, Farsi, Hindi, Kurdish, Mandarin Chinese, Nepali, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Swedish, Somali, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Urdu, Russian, Vietnamese, Estonian

Download the app 

Download the free mobile application to your device from your app store:

Data protection and accessibility

When you use the Work Help Finland mobile application, we only collect and process anonymous usage data. The data is used only for compiling statistics on and monitoring the use of the application. No personal data is stored.