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Determination of citizenship

You may ask the Finnish Immigration Service to determine your citizenship status in the following cases:

  • You want to know if you are a Finnish citizen.
  • You want to know what citizenship you are considered to hold in Finland.
  • Your citizenship information is not correct in the Population Information System (you are a citizen of some other state than the one entered in the system).
  • You want to determine the citizenship of a child in your custody.

‘Citizenship status’ means:

  • your current and previous citizenship
  • statelessness
  • unknown citizenship

You can request determination of your citizenship status yourself, or it can be requested by an authority.

Request determination of citizenship status by submitting an application:

Request to determine citizenship status, KAN_9

Request by an authority

The authorities (the police, a Local Register Office, a Finnish mission) must request determination of a person’s citizenship status if there is a possibility that this information is incorrect or not up to date in the Population Information System. In such a case, citizenship status will be determined free of charge.

  • Expected processing time

    4–9 months

  • Paper application fee

    50 €