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Application for employer certification

This page contains instructions on how you can apply for employer certification for your company and what information is required for the application.

Companies that apply for employer certification must meet the following requirements:

Apply for employer certification in Enter Finland for Employers:

If you cannot use Enter Finland for Employers

If you cannot use the online service to apply for employer certification for your company, you can submit a paper application. In that case, pay the processing fee into the bank account of the Finnish Immigration Service: Danske Bank FI59 8129 9710 0117 35. The processing fee is 195 euros.

Fill in the paper application and submit it to the Finnish Immigration Service:

  • You can send it by post to this address: Finnish Immigration Service, PO Box 10, FI-00086 Maahanmuuttovirasto.
  • Alternatively, you can leave it in a letterbox, if there is one, or for the staff at one of the service points of the Finnish Immigration Service. See the locations of our service points.

Submit your application together with copies of the required attachments. The attachments are listed on the application form.

Ask our chatbot Kamu! You will find Kamu in the bottom right corner of our web pages. Write ‘I am an employer’ in the text field below Kamu and Kamu will give you advice intended for employers.