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Voluntary return

Would you like to return voluntarily to your country of origin or to a country where you have a residence permit? On these pages you will find information on voluntary return and how to apply for voluntary return assistance. You can find the information in the following languages: Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Sorani Kurdish, Somali, Spanish, and Russian

You may be eligible for voluntary return if you are a third-country national and

  • you have applied for asylum and received a negative decision on your application,
  • you have applied for asylum and cancelled your asylum application, or
  • your international protection status previously granted to you has been ended.

Those granted temporary protection can also receive assistance for voluntary return. However, returns to Ukraine cannot be organised at the moment. If you have applied for temporary protection in Finland but would like to return to your country of origin other than Ukraine, you may be eligible for voluntary return assistance.

You are not eligible for voluntary return assistance if you are returning to another EU Member State, Schengen country or third country whose nationals are not required to have a visa for Finland. However, you may still be entitled to compensation of travel costs.

Returns to the following countries are currently not possible due to the security situation in these countries: Afghanistan, Eritrea, Yemen, Syria, Taiwan and Ukraine.

Assistance for voluntary return 2024-2025

Assistance for voluntary return includes

  • compensation of travel costs
  • help with return arrangements
  • assistance to support your reintegration into your home country.

Assistance is granted primarily in kind. This means a range of services or supplies that help you, for example, with 

  • starting your own business
  • education or training
  • housing costs
  • healthcare costs.

The utility allowance is tailored to your needs and the possibilities available to you.

The amount of the voluntary return assistance depends on the stage at which you submit your voluntary return application.

The amount of voluntary return assistance 01/01/2024-29/02/2024:

If you currently have 1 or more negative asylum decisions and apply for voluntary return assistance from 01/01/2024 to 29/02/2024, the amount paid will be EUR 5,300.

Your spouse and children returning with you will also be paid EUR 5,300 each.

The amount of voluntary return assistance from 01/03/2024 onwards:

  • if you apply for assistance within 30 days of the notification of the first negative asylum decision or the cancellation of your first asylum application, you will be paid EUR 5,300
  • if you apply later than 30 days after the notification or cancellation of your first negative asylum decision, the amount of assistance is EUR 2,000.
  • if you have applied for asylum more than once, the amount of assistance is EUR 2,000.

You are eligible for the higher assistance only once.

Assistance based on personal circumstances:

  • If you are a victim of human trafficking, the amount of assistance paid is EUR 3,000. 
  • If your personal situation requires additional assistance, you may be eligible for an additional amount of EUR 1,000 in addition to your basic assistance. The need for an additional assistance affected by, for example, your age, disability, illness, family situation or other similar reason.
    • Additional assistance may also be granted to victims of human trafficking and returnees to visa-free countries.

Applying for voluntary return assistance

To be eligible for assistance for voluntary return, you must leave Finland voluntarily. You must cancel all pending asylum, a residence permit or an alien’s passport applications.

Are you a client at a reception centre?

Contact the staff at the reception centre.

Have you remained in Finland without a residence permit after your reception services ended?

The Finnish Immigration Service will advise and help you apply for voluntary return. 

  • Phone +358 (0)50 413 8625 (also WhatsApp). 
  • Emails can be sent using the Finnish Immigration Service's Securemail service ( to to ensure that the message safely reaches the right recipient.

Processing your application

The reception centre or the Finnish Immigration Service will fill in the application forms together with you, process your application and give a decision.

The reception centre or the Finnish Immigration Service will check with the police whether you can return to your country of origin voluntarily. If the police have not started your removal from the country and there are no other factors preventing your voluntary return, the decision will be sent to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), which will start the return arrangements.

Return home

IOM provides information and advice about your return in several languages. If you do not have a passport, you will get help with acquiring a travel document from the embassy of your home country. IOM will then book your travel to your country of return. If you have health issues, they will be taken into account in the return arrangements. When you leave Finland, IOM will give you the details of the contact who provides you with your return assistance. When you leave, you will also receive from IOM the documents held by the Finnish authorities.

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