Reply quickly to a supplement request

Read the instructions carefully and reply to the request as soon as possible within the given time limit.

We can make a decision on your application even if you do not send the requested documents within the specified time limit. If the application has not been completed sufficiently, it is possible that the decision on it will be negative.

Submit your supplementary documents via the e-service or by post

  • If you have submitted your application via our e-service, log in and send your supplementary documents there. If you have chosen to submit your application through the e-service, you have to continue using the e-service throughout the application process.
  • If you have applied on a paper form, we recommend that you send your additional documents by post.
  • If you wish to submit your documents in person, you can do this at a service point during opening hours. Put the documents in an envelope and drop the envelope in the postbox.

The documents will be attached to your application more quickly if you fill in a covering note with the information about your matter and attach the note to your documents. Please include your customer number and the diary number of the matter on the covering note to speed up the processing of the attached documents.