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Reception allowance

If you are an asylum seeker, you may get financial assistance while we are processing your application. This money is called the reception allowance. The reception allowance is granted to you by your reception centre and paid by the Finnish state. It is meant for your necessary basic needs.

If you want to receive reception allowance, you need to apply for it. Your reception centre will give you instructions on how to apply for the allowance. All income and funds you have at your disposal reduce the amount of your reception allowance. When you apply for the reception allowance, you must tell the reception centre whether you receive a salary or have other assets or sources of income. Also the income and funds of your spouse affect the amount of your reception allowance.

Children who have arrived in Finland without a guardian also get financial support. However, they get a smaller sum than adults or families. This money is called spending money.

If you or your family have special needs for which you need additional financial support, you may be granted a supplementary reception allowance.

The reception allowance is uploaded to your prepaid card or given to you in cash.

If you lose your prepaid card

If you have lost the prepaid card you got from your reception centre (a Moni or a PFS card), contact your reception centre.

If you have found a prepaid card granted by the Finnish Immigration Service (the word Migri is printed on the card), you can bring it or send it to the nearest service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.

The basic component of the monthly reception allowance from 1 January 2022


No meal service

Meals at the reception centre

A single parent, living alone 323,21 euros 94,73 euros
Other persons over 18 years 273,06 euros 78,02 euros
A child who lives with his or her family 206,19 euros

61,30 euros


The monthly spending allowance for the unaccompanied minor asylum seekers from 1 January 2022


Meals at the reception centre

an unaccompanied minor under 16 years 27,86 euros*
an unaccompanied minor between 16 and 17 years 50,15 euros*

*A spending allowance may also be a lesser amount if considered reasonable in view of the minor’s age and level of development.

An unaccompanied minor living in private accommodation or a support housing unit intended for those over 16 years of age will be paid a reception allowance instead of a spending allowance. This will equal the allowance of an adult living alone.