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Working and internships during studies

A student who has been granted a residence permit for studies may engage in gainful employment without restrictions if the employment consists of practical training (intership) or diploma work as part of a degree. During terms when lessons are given, the student is allowed to do an average of 25 hours of part-time work per week.

The number of working hours is not restricted weekly, but the restriction concerns each term. In other words, students can work periodically according to the current situation. During holidays, that is, during summer and Christmas holidays, students can work full-time without hourly restrictions.


If a person who is coming to carry out an internship at an educational institution does not have a residence permit for his or her stay in Finland, a residence permit is required for the internship. Internships cannot be carried out visa-free or with a visa. A residence permit is not granted for unpaid internships. The intern has to receive monetary compensation for the internship.

A person residing in Finland with a residence permit for studies can spend an unlimited time as an intern as part of his or her degree.

Apprenticeship training

A residence permit for studies cannot be granted for apprenticeship training. Apprenticeship training differs from other forms of education in that it is based on a contract of employment between two parties. If the apprenticeship training does not comply with the definition of work or training for a third-country national laid down in this Act, the person coming to Finland for apprenticeship training needs to have a residence permit for an employed person.