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Residence permit application on the basis of research completed in Finland

Apply for a residence permit using this application if

  • you have carried out and completed research work in Finland
  • you have a job in Finland, are an entrepreneur, or pursue a trade or business.

You can apply for a residence permit on these grounds regardless of which permit you have held when conducting research. If you have completed your research in Finland, you do not need to apply for a residence permit for an employed person or a residence permit for an entrepreneur.

  • Expected processing time for an electronic application

    1-2 months

  • Expected processing time for a paper application

    2–4 months

  • Electronic application fee

    First permit  380 € / extended permit 160 €

  • Paper application fee

    First permit 480 € / extended permit 430 €

This is what you should do


Fill in the application:

When can I start working?

First residence permit:

You cannot start working before you get a residence permit. Once you are granted the residence permit, you may work without restrictions.

Extended permit: 

If your current permit is a residence permit for a researcher and you apply for an extended permit on the basis of completed research work before your current permit expires, you may continue to work or start a new job before the extended permit is granted. You may work without restrictions. Read more about the right to work while your application for an extended permit is being processed