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Frequently asked questions: Processing times of asylum applications

What are the processing times for asylum applications?

Under law, asylum applications must be decided within 6 months.

Can the processing of an application take longer than 6 months?

Under law, the processing time may be longer than 6 months in the following cases:
A decision must be made within 15 months if:

  1. the case involves complicated issues related to factual or legal circumstances
  2. the Finnish Immigration Service currently has a large number of asylum applications that require processing at the same time
  3. you have not contributed to the examination of your matter to a sufficient degree. You have a legal obligation to contribute, which means that you are obliged to explain and provide evidence of why you are applying for asylum.

A decision must be made within 18 months if a longer time is needed to ensure a proper and reasoned investigation of your application.

If a decision cannot be made within the periods specified above because the situation in your country of departure is unstable, it must be made within 21 months.

What should I do if the processing of my application has taken longer than 6 months?

You do not need to contact the Finnish Immigration Service if the expected processing time of 6 months is about to be exceeded. We will send you a notification stating:

  • that there is a delay in the processing of the application
  • the reasons for the delay 
  • a new estimate of when you will receive a decision. 

For more information on processing times, see the page Processing times.