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The note ‘Identity not verified’ in a travel document

The Finnish Immigration Service will add the note ‘Identity not verified’ to an alien’s passport or refugee travel document when it has not been able to verify the identity of the person to whom the document has been issued. 

To remove the note ‘Identity not verified’ from your travel document, apply for a new travel document

To submit an application for a new alien’s passport or refugee travel document, visit a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service in person. When you submit a new application, you must have reliable evidence of your identity. Examples of reliable documents: 

  • The passport of your country of nationality, either a valid or an expired one.
  • Some other document issued by an authority of your country of nationality. It must contain the following information:
    • name, date and place of birth
    • photograph and possible other distinguishing marks
    • citizenship.
  • A document issued by a country other than your country of nationality may also be regarded as reliable if you proved your identity with a reliable document from an authority of your country of nationality when you applied for the document in question.

When proving your identity, you must always present the original document. If the original document is in a language other than Finnish, Swedish or English, you must have it translated into one of these languages. It does not matter if the period of validity of the original document has expired.

The Finnish Immigration Service will charge a processing fee for the application. You can check the fee on the page Processing fees and payment methods.