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Customer bulletins

Our customer bulletins are available in Finnish, Swedish and English, and some of them have been translated to other languages as well. See the language versions below. To read our customer bulletins in English, go to Customer bulletins.

The supplier of asylum-seekers’ prepaid cards is facing delivery problems – what to do if your Moni card does not work

Information about conversion to Christianity reaching the home country does not automatically constitute grounds for international protection

Finnish Immigration Service to issue certificates on asylum seekers’ right to work as of 1 September 2019

Asylum seekers’ money transferred from Moni cards to PFS cards

Correction: The right to work has not expired for any asylum seeker on 1 June 2019 simply because of the law amendment


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A personal identity code can now be received without a separate application if a permit is granted to reside in Finland

Asylum seeker: Let us know the grounds for your subsequent application already when applying

Report by the Finnish Immigration Service to the Minister of the Interior on the quality of the asylum procedure and the related decision-making

Report on the challenges of parenting and couple relationships that asylum seekers may face and on the ways to provide help at reception centres

Residence permits 

Registration of an EU citizen’s right of residence 

Finnish citizenship 

Asylum and the Dublin procedure 

I have asked for asylum in the EU - which country will handle my claim

I’m in the Dublin procedure - what does this mean

Children asking for international protection

Counsels, representatives and interpreters   

Recommendations for improving asylum interviews

Voluntary return 

Information about Finland 

Beginners guide to Finland - Suomi-opas aloittelijalle

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