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Temporary protection

Health and social services 

After you have been granted a residence permit on the basis of temporary protection, you are entitled to the same healthcare services as those permanently resident in Finland. Your reception centre is responsible for providing you with healthcare services.

You are entitled to essential social services. Your reception centre will assess your service needs and arrange the services for you.

When you have a municipality of residence

If you get a municipality of residence, you will no longer be a client of the reception system. Instead, you will become a resident of the municipality where you live and a client of a wellbeing services county. A wellbeing services county arranges public healthcare, social welfare and rescue services to all residents in the region it serves.

You are entitled to the same level of healthcare as any other residents of your municipality. The wellbeing services county is responsible for providing you with healthcare services.

You will have access to a considerably wider range of social welfare services. In case of illness or disability, for example, you can get home-help services to support you with living at home.

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