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Implementation decisions

On this page you can find out in which cases our system can make an automated decision. 

See the requirements for an automated decision in the following applications:

First residence permit for studies

You can receive an automated decision on your application if 

  • you apply for the first residence permit for studies abroad
  • you have been admitted to a Finnish university ( as a degree student or to a Finnish educational institution as an exchange student
  • you will not participate in a mobility scheme of the European Union while the permit you are applying for is valid. One such scheme is the Erasmus+ programme
  • you have submitted your application online in Enter Finland and paid the processing fee 
  • you have submitted your application on 19 October 2023 or later.
  • you have carefully filled in the application and submitted all the required information and attachments
  • you meet all the requirements for the residence permit. Your application does not require individual assessment, such as granting an exemption from a requirement
  • a member of your family is not applying for a permit at the same time as you
  • you have not yet started your studies
  • you do not apply for a D visa at the same time
  • you do not have a non-disclosure order for personal safety reasons
  • you have not applied for or been granted international protection
  • you have not previously received a decision to deport you from Finland
  • you have not selected Swedish as your language of contact
  • you have not applied for a residence permit for an overly long period. By an overly long period we mean a time period that clearly exceeds the target schedule for completing the degree.

In addition, you need to prove your identity.

The decision on using automated decision-making in processing students’ residence permit applications (pdf)