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Withdrawal of entry ban

An entry ban (a prohibition of entry) can be withdrawn, if your circumstances change or there is an important personal reason. However, this is only done in exceptional cases.

To apply for withdrawal, complete the form MP_3 carefully and attach all the required documents.. You can find further information on the application form. Any missing information will delay the processing of your application.

Fill in the form in Finnish, Swedish or English. The attachments must also be in one of the above languages. Have your documents translated to any of these languages by an authorised translator. Remember to date and sign the form.

A fee will be charged for the processing of the application. Pay the processing fee in advance. If you do not pay the fee, your application will not be processed. Instructions for paying the processing fee are included in the application form.

Send the application to the Finnish Immigration Service.

You do not need to apply separately for the withdrawal of your entry ban, if you are applying for a residence permit and the entry ban imposed on you by Finland is still in force. In this case, the Finnish Immigration Service will process your application and assess the need to withdraw your entry ban without a separate application from you.