Delay in the introduction of new prepaid cards for asylum seekers

24.9.2018 16.07
Press release

The renewal of the cards meant for the payment of the reception allowance and wages to asylum seekers has been delayed. The Moni cards or PFS prepaid cards that are in use at some reception centres can still be used in October. For example employers can pay wages onto the card normally.

However, no new Moni cards or PFS cards will be issued for payment of wages at the moment. The Finnish Immigration Service is still investigating the future of the prepaid cards used by asylum seekers and the possibility of using the cards more widely.

The aim is to replace all debit cards used by asylum seekers with the prepaid cards of Prepaid Financial Services Ltd. Our aim is to start using the card at all reception centres.

The introduction of the new cards is delayed because we discovered after a pilot that some of the details concerning the organisation of the operations still require additional investigations.

Moni cards will work at least until the end of October

According to present information, the contract for the current Moni cards will end on 31 October. The Finnish Immigration Service is negotiating over the possibility to temporarily continue the Moni card trial.

We will give you more information by 5 October. Card users or employers do not need to contact the Finnish Immigration Service because of the delay.