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Artificial intelligence enters the workplace – how will the rules of work change? Finnish Immigration Service at SuomiAreena on 19 July

How compatible are the current rules of working life with the fact that artificial intelligence is entering the workplace? What are the challenges we face when implementing technology in knowledge work and public administration? Will artificial intelligence be making decisions on an individual’s important matters in the future? Digitalisation is changing the nature of work in both the private and the public sector, but there are numerous challenges.


Reports on the fact-finding mission to Iraq published

Researchers at the Country Information Service of the Finnish Immigration Service visited Baghdad on a fact-finding mission in February 2019. In Baghdad, the researchers met with representatives of national and international organisations and non-governmental organisations, authorities and other researchers. The purpose of the fact-finding mission was to gather information about the general conditions in the country as well as the security situation in different regions of the country. Another objective was to strengthen the researchers’ local contact and cooperation network.


Asylum seekers will soon receive information about the asylum processes also on video

The Finnish Immigration Service is currently developing the general legal counselling provided at reception centres. The counselling refers to providing information about legal aid related to the asylum process and assistance in finding legal aid, which are part of the duties of the centre. Reception centres also provide information on a general level about the processing of asylum applications as well as the rights and obligations of the applicant. One factor affecting the increased need for counselling involves the changes made to the legal aid of asylum seekers in 2016.