Contacts for the media

The email address of the Press and Communications Services of the Finnish Immigration Service is media(at)

Communications is available for the media at tel. +358 295 433 037 on weekdays 8 a.m.–4.15 p.m.

As an exception, the media team is absent on Wednesday, 11 September. We will answer media enquiries via mobile phone but we will not read messages sent to the e-mail address [email protected] until Thursday, 12 September.

Communications does not reply to customer inquiries concerning applications. If you have a question about an application, please contact our Customer Service.

If you are looking for background information or statistics, please see our information bank and statistical service first.

Other information for the media:

Management of the Customer Relations and Communications Unit

Klaus Kaartinen

Klaus Kaartinen

Director of Communications

Harriet Mallenius

Harriet Mallenius

Director of Customer Experience

Jaana Vaahtio

Jaana Vaahtio

Head of Press and Communications Services

External Communications and Media Relations

Eini Perttilä

Eini Perttilä

Communications Coordinator

Hanna Paasikoski

Hanna Paasikoski

Communications Specialist

Work community communications

Kaisa Härkisaari

Communications Specialist

Miia Kontteli

Communications Assistant

Project communications

Essi Lojander

Project Manager (ERSUS)

Akseli Saviranta

Project Communications Officer (voluntary return)

Customer relations

Heini Mynttinen

Communications Specialist

Noora Perhiö

Customer Service Planner

Information on asylum matters within the European Union

If you need information on asylum matters and phenomena across the European Union, you can contact the European Asylum Support Office (EASO).

EASO’s website also contains statistics and analyses about EU asylum matters.

European Asylum Support Office
Telephone +356 2248 7500
E-mail: [email protected]