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The Finnish Immigration Service's Customer Programme is built together with our customers - make a difference by responding!

24.7.2023 13.41
Kolumni: Harriet Mallenius

We have a dream and a goal: in the future, the Finnish Immigration Service will be known for its excellent service. We have a lot of work to do to achieve this vision. Now we hope that you - the customer or partner - will share your views on what needs to be developed and what your priorities are.

In developing its Customer Programme, the Finnish Immigration Service is bringing together its main goals and actions for the coming years. Its purpose is also to put the agency's new strategy into practice. The questions we ask ourselves are: what does it mean to have an excellent customer experience? or what do customer-oriented and people-centred services look like? 

The Customer Programme forms the backbone of the development and serves as a monitoring tool: Are we on track to achieve our goals? Are we working effectively on the things that matter to the customer?

Let's build the Customer Programme together!

The key to delivering the best possible Customer Programme is to engage with our customers, partners and employees. The process is inclusive, which is why you will not see a set agenda at the outset. Instead, we invite you to share your views and suggestions on what is still a work in progress. 

Now is the time to have your say! We look forward to hearing from you by 4 August 2023: 
Customer Programme Survey

What do we want to know? 

We have formulated four service promises to ensure that we act in the best interests of our customers and society: 

  1. We understand our customers.
  2. We develop and produce services that our customers findefficient, predictable and fair.
  3. The employees of the Finnish Immigration Service are easy to approach and cooperate with.
  4. Quality customer service is essential for the efficiency of the whole organisation.

Tell us which of the following factors are most important to you and which service promise we could improve!

Kuva: Kuvituskuva. Tavoitteemme on, että lähitulevaisuudessa meidät tunnetaan erinomaisesta palvelusta. Our immediate goal is to be known for service excellence.

We have broken down our service promises into goals that are easier to measure and therefore easier to monitor. What do you think? 

We want to achieve all our goals. However, we at the Finnish Immigration Service promise to focus on what is important to you as our customer or partner. These are the key areas of the customer experience.

For example, is it important to you or the organisation you represent that a decision is made without undue delay?  Is it important that you can easily get the service you need through the channel of your choice, or would you prefer to have minimal or no contact with the service? In this survey you can choose 3-5 of the most important objectives that you think we should prioritise.

Thank you for taking the time to help us! The Customer Programme will be finalised in the summer of 2023, after which implementation will begin immediately. 

I sincerely hope that you will soon see the results for yourself. We will send you regular updates on the progress of our work. Let's work together!

What is the Customer Programme?


The Customer Programme

  • Guides our long-term customer development work
  • Translates our vision, strategy and goals into practical actions
  • Describes what customers and stakeholders can expect from us
  • Describes how our customer goals are reflected in our work
  • supports the achievement, monitoring and communication of customer-related issues
  • Helps our staff to comply with out strategic goals in all situations.

Harriet Mallenius

Director of Customer Experience 

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